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What Is Folk Culture?

Folk Culture is a way of life based upon an understanding of and a respect for Nature. Folk Culture seeks to create a society where there is genuine freedom and a harmony, and believes that this involves us, as individuals, living by certain ideals such as honour.

The basis for the way of life of Folk Culture are the principles of: (1) personal honour; (2) of loyalty to family, and clan; (3) of duty, or service, to the folk, the community; and (4) respect for Nature. Three of the most distinguishing features of this way of life are the desire for personal freedom, the desire to know, to understand, to explore, and the readiness to do one's communal duty: to place the welfare of one's community, one's folk, before one's own personal interests and happiness.

Folk Culture values and seeks to develope those things, those qualities, those attributes of personal character, which make us human: our reason, our honour, and our ability to restrain and change ourselves by using our will.

One of the most fundamental principles of Folk Culture is the belief that we can change ourselves for the better by using our will, and by being inspired by noble ideals and by the traditions, the heritage, of our own culture which our ancestors have bequeathed to us.

Folk Culture values and indeed treasures the beauty of our native home, the Earth, just as it values and treasures the diversity of Nature, evident in the many different types of life, and the many different types of human cultures.

Folk Culture expresses the natural truth that for us to be healthy, free and live in harmony with Nature, we must respect Nature, and all the diverse creations of Nature, and seek to understand, appreciate, and add to our own ancestral culture while respecting all other cultures.

Folk Culture has its own ethics, its own moral values, which is calls the Cosmic Ethic, as it has its own principles of law, believing that only these ethics and these principles of law can create a noble, free, society where people can live in harmony with Nature and with other human beings.

Cosmic Ethics

Folk Culture Law